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Extracting, crawling, scraping

Providing in-cloud, self-hosted or clients based applications.

Offering once-only and extracting-as-service solutions.

Working with ordinary web scraping as well as with custom sources: protobuf files, video & images, databases, search engine results, messengers etc.

Support could be included into your package.

  • gcp
  • aws s3
  • aws sqs
  • selenium
  • scrapy
  • cypress

Aggregating, transforming, processing

Synchronising multiple data sources into single data feed.

Recognizing context and glyphs from video (including live streams on popular platoforms), images, pdfs, screenshots.

Processing big data volumes and building complex pipelines.

Operating with custom markups.

Creating bots for interactions with 3rd party services.

  • compute engine
  • dataflow
  • spark
  • celery
  • rabbitmq
  • bigquery

Control, storing, delivering

Building custom admin & control panels for web, mobile, messengers and as standalone applications.

Providing with flexible CDN solutions, as well as proxying, IP rotations.

Encrypting stored data and providing access on clients’ terms.

Autoposting through popular networks.

Building generic 21 century web solutions (design, backend, frontend).

  • docker
  • mongodb
  • nginx
  • django
  • reactjs
  • vue
  • sentry
  • prometheus